Whats Your Story? You Can Get Your Own Work Published On TheDynastyNY.com

There are many people with countless ideas and no outlet on promoting them. If you are one of those people interested in publishing your articles, photos and or just your story then TheDynastyNY is here to help. TheDynastyNY sees this gap as an opportunity to give these new talented entrepreneurs, a platform to share their work, no matter what kind of art it may be. We are ready to share your, written articles, fashion post, athletes, spoken word, and music.  Whatever your passion may be, let TheDynastyNY be the place where your story is heard and your work of art gets published.

Follow The Step Below To Submit Your Work For Review:

  1. Name (First And Last) And Title Of Article
  2. Your Instagram And Facebook Name (And Link)
  3. 2-3 Paragraphs explaining your work and what your goals are with your company or personal brand
  4. 4-6 Photos of your work to support your articles work
  5. Contact information such as Email, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin
  6.  Must follow RoyalKingBrian in order to tag your work to your account on IG.

Email Us At BrianGrullon89@yahoo.com. Subject (TheDynastyNY Submission)

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