Tyrone Rodriguez An Entrepreneur And Investor Who Wants To Help Create The Most Millionaires He Can

DYNASTY MEDIA is sitting down with the legendary Tyrone Rodriguez for one of our biggest stories and interviews yet. Tyrone Rodriguez (commonly called by his Instagram name @TyeTheGodd is one of the biggest influencers on social media. He has helped create a long-lasting financial impact all across the United States and all over the world! From starting his business venture in New York to flying all over the United States (Dallas, California, and more) and now spreading his message all over the world from (Africa, Spain, Paris, London, just to name a few places). We want to give you a brief background from where this young entrepreneur started from and where he plans on going. So we are going to start this story where it all began at Home in New York City!

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY: Tyrone Rodriguez grew up with his mother, 2 aunts, grandmother, and 2 cousins, all under one roof. His mother and father separated when he was young. His father wasn’t present very much in the early years of his life. Tyrone Rodriguez says “I didn’t get to see him often early on. My father made sure to call for birthdays and holidays. He made sure I had plenty of gifts, but the main father figure in my life was my stepfather” (whom at first, being young and rebellious, I did not take a liking to.) I grew to admire my stepfather Paul West and he instilled in me the ideas of ownership, entrepreneurship & true freedom. 

Tyrone remembers moving around a lot as a kid but he always managed to make friends very easily; (Which is a very important entrepreneurship skill to have early in life.) “I was always told I was wise beyond my years, that’s probably why I was always around an older crowd growing up. One of Tyrone Rodriguez’s early hustles included selling sneakers. “I worked at a sneaker store during my high school years and I remember using my entire check to buy one pair of exclusive sneakers, then I would sell that pair for twice the price, make a profit then go back to work, buy 2 pairs and continue to flip”. 

We at Dynasty Media thought this was an interesting stance to have at such a young age. We wanted to know more! Why did he want to flip sneakers? When most kids would spend their checks on sneakers and wear them the very next day to school? Why not just wear your sneakers as most cool kids would have?

Tyrone Rodriguez says “In my mind, I was doing the same thing I saw other people doing in the streets. The only difference between them and me was that my product was legal.”. The people who had influence in the streets were either respected or feared. I studied these people. I admired certain leadership qualities and mimicked them.

I was an ‘A’ Student and went on to get accepted to the University at Buffalo. School always came easy to me but it wasn’t something that interests me. I went on to drop out of school and my mother & stepfather were disappointed in my decision. I had a different vision for my future. I knew I wanted to change the world. I knew I was going to change the world. I knew I was destined for more than just sitting in a cubicle and working for someone else. I took issue with the idea of another man telling me or my family when to wake up, eat, sleep or use the bathroom. It bothered me so much that when I came across the opportunity to make money from my phone Trading the Forex market I took it and ran with it. I became a top income earner in the Network Marketing Profession. I became a full-time trader. And I became an example of what you can accomplish when you stop making excuses & finally decide you want to be successful. 

Now I get to impact lives around the globe and live life the way it should be lived. 

DYNASTY MEDIA: This is an amazing story, one of our personal favorites we have written because we personally know so many people who want another way out besides going to college or working at a 9-5 job. Your story is a true success of dealing with the cards you been dealt with and still find a way to have the winning hand. So Tyrone Rodriguez welcome and let’s get started with this DYNASTY MEDIA interview!

DYNASTY MEDIA: What is it that you do?

Tyrone Rodriguez: I’m a Forex Trader & Network Marketer. I help average individuals earn income from the comfort of their phone.

DYNASTY MEDIA: Why are you doing what you currently do? and what got you into it?

Tyrone Rodriguez: I was introduced to the trading world by a friend of mine who was an active duty marine. I am helping impact the masses by educating them on financial stability that can lead to helping the community. One of my main drivers is to get my fellow African American & Hispanic brothers & sisters off the streets. I come from New York City. Notoriously known as being a tough city. If you can make it there you can make it anywhere. I don’t want my people to think they have to sell drugs or commit robbery to be able to feed their families. I don’t want my people to think there is no way out. I don’t want my people to think the only successful minorities are the athletes gifted with the ability to run faster and jump further. I want my people to KNOW that there are other ways to reach true financial freedom.

DYNASTY MEDIA: What is one or some of your biggest accomplishments in this business?

Tyrone Rodriguez: Some of my biggest accomplishments include buying my mother a home. Helping over 100 people retire from their job. Creating over 50, six-figure traders. Being able to travel the world and inspire a generation of people in a world where inspiration and positivity are scarce. 

DYNASTY MEDIA: Is there any advice you would like to leave our readers and followers with? If so what would that be?

Tyrone Rodriguez: Consistentecy. One of the main differences between the winners and the losers in life is that the winners don’t give up when things get tough. The winners don’t stop just because somebody doesn’t believe in them. The winners always find a way.

For more information on Tyrone Rodriguez  CLICK HERE and be sure to follow him on all social platforms listed below. Today could be the day you change your life. Invest in yourself! It pays the best dividend!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tyethegodd/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tye.0321

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