TheRoyalFamily Meets QPark & Edith (Is there a video on the way?)

TheRoyalFamily Meets QPark & Edith (Is there a video on the way?)

New York City, the city of dreams! Where if you work hard enough all your dreams can come true, and you might even run into some of your idols.

That was the case for TheRoyalFamily (RoyalQueenDanely & RoyalKingBrian) who by strolling through the busy Central Park were able to meet two of their idols; Youtuber QPark & his Girlfriend Edith.

They both were just hanging out by a bench in Central Park when we noticed them. At the beginning, we were a bit hesitant to approach them because we did not want to create a crowd since they are YouTube stars. Then again, we thought to each other “when will it be the next time we run into them, in such a big city”, and so we went for it.  As soon as our eyes met, they greeted us with open arms and smiles on their faces. We started conversation and not for a second did we feel rushed or even un welcomed. Being part of the YouTube community, we have witness firsthand the pressures that come with being recognized or known everywhere you go. For that reason alone we were so grateful when they made us feel like they were two friends we were meeting up for dinner. Qpark and his channel has meant a lot to us, both in a creative aspect as you tubers as well as in a personal level. I have very happy memories of putting on Qpark’s channel during dinnertime and having a blast with my family gathered around the dinner table. We both did not expect the warm welcome we received and were more than thrilled when they accepted our merchandise and agreed on taking pictures with us. I hope that one-day TheRoyalFamily channel is as successful as Qpark’s and we are able to give back to the community as they do, with more than just laughs. 



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