TheMakerOfTaste Plans On Tasting Up The World With His New Company “Sucess With Taste”

Robert Vasquez Aka TheMakerOfTaste

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Its safe to say everyone is cut from a different cloth, but not everyone has the same level of taste. Taste is something that is learned, taught and earned. This is exactly who TheMakerOfTaste is! Robert Vasquez, was born in the Dominican Republic, raised in Washington Heights, and decided he was not going to become a product of his environment, but instead he was going to elevate himself and his peers to the better tasting parts of life. Whether he is in New York, mentoring hundreds of families on building wealth, or if he is in Toronto Canada drinking Ace Of Spades. Robert’s main goal is to always leave an impact wherever he goes and rise up the people around him.

It’s no wonder why Dynasty Media had to reach out and catch up with TheMakerOfTase once again for a one of a kind exclusive interview with Robert Vasquez Aka TheMakerOfTaste.

DYNASTY MEDIA: Who is TheMakerOfTaste?What is it that you do? And What Is Sucess With Taste?

TheMakerOfTaste: I am an inspiration to those with no voice. I teach families all over the world to think about money in a productive way. “Success With Taste” is a way of living. When you do things with taste it means you do it to the top level possible. When you are tasteful it shows in your spirit and in your results.

DYNASTY MEDIA: Why is it that you currently do what you do and what got you into it?

TheMakerOfTaste: I am an entrepreneur first and foremost. My vehicle to success was Network marketing. We teach families all over the world how to invest in the forex market. Forex is a 6.6 trillion dollar a day market. I got into because I can’t be a slave into the system . 40 hours a week and a paycheck didn’t fulfill me. I wanted more. Build a legacy, Build a legendary NAME !!

DYNASTY MEDIA: What is one or some of your biggest accomplishments in this business?

TheMakerOfTaste: I was able to impact over 800 families worldwide. I also became the first 6 figure earner in my family. I was able to reach the top 5% in our industry. Think theirs 180 million people worldwide. So do the math on the top 5%.

DYNASTY MEDIA: We always talk about our wins in life, but what was one lost you had and how did you manage to get over it and come out on top?

TheMakerOfTaste: It took me 8 months to go from $1000 a month to $2000 a month. I had quit my job and quit school. So I had the weight of the planet on my shoulders. I literally left it in the hands of faith. I used the law of attraction. The power of the mind. I had to persevere through the mist.

DYNASTY MEDIA: What are some of your goals you’re working towards for 2020?
TheMakerOfTaste: Reach $100,000 In income a month .- Impact 10,000 lives .- Buy a piece of cash flowing Real estate

DYNASTY MEDIA: If you can change one thing in a person’s mind what would it be and why?

TheMakerOfTaste: MONEY IS ABUNDANT! People think in scarcity. They think that we lack money. We just lack understanding. Money is here for everyone as much as they want.

DYNASTY MEDIA: Who do you want to inspire with your story and why?

TheMakerOfTaste: I want to inspire the ones who feel they got no choice and no voice. Show them there is a better way. There is an opportunity out there for everyone to grow. Your wish is your command !!

Dynasty Media: Any last words or statements you may want to leave the readers?

TheMakerOfTaste: You can’t build success in the mist of FEAR!

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