TheMakerOfTaste: He Quit Citi Bank 2 Years Ago, Now 2 Years Later He Is Running His Own 6 Figure Business “Success Of Taste”

When someone from your neighborhood, someone you know, someone you seen grow right before your eyes finally crushes their dreams, you can only celebrate their success!
This is exactly what Robert Aka The Maker Of Taste has done. From the street corner to eating lobster and shrimp at the top office, Robert has done just that. As we say where we from, he graduated from the school of hard knocks!

TheMakerOfTaste, started his journey in entrepreneurship 2 years ago today, once he left his job at Citi Bank and took that leap of faith that would later not only change his life forever, but his friends lives aswell. This is the scariest thing anyone can do as an entrepreneur and Robert tackled that head on. His escape became trading Forex which operates from the Foreign Exchange Market. Basically he left his stable but boring 9-5 job into the exciting world of becoming a trader.

What makes this story so great is, he had no experience in trading, no 1 on 1 mentors and no role models to look after. But he still decided to take the jump and become a mentor to those who wanted to make the jump with him. It wasn’t a easy road but it was a risk worth taking. After a few months of trading he started mentoring people, his Instagram page started being used for motivational post which become his new trade mark and company name “Success Of Taste” (The guy has amazing videos, check out his Instagram page).

Now 2 years later TheMarkerOfTaste is a 6 figure earner, who has traveled all across the United States with his team. Formed a LLC and has major plans for expanding his company in 2020. If their was a person to bet your money on it would be him. And to that we say! TOAST and Congratulations to Robert! (Like we said before make sure to follow his IG, watch his story and watch his Success Of Taste series! You can learn a lot!)

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