Successful Entrepreneur Nestor Velazquez Has Found The Key To Success With His Binary Option Trading Strategies

Every now and then comes along someone who is ready to shake things up. Introduce people to a new concept, you know, those geniuses who are 10 steps ahead of everyone. Nestor Velazquez is one of those rare people. While the concept of trading in the Foreign Exchange Market is not new, the way Nestor Velazquez has taken a strong grip on the concept has led him to master the art of trading using his binary options strategies.

But Nestor Velazquez is so much more than just a trader, he is a father, he is a mentor and most importantly he is a leader in the educational system of financial independence and early retirement. “I want to set people free from financial enslavement by teaching them how to build a residual income and profit from the markets on the side to get out of debt, increase their cashflow and eventually work less while getting paid more to maximize time” says Velazquez.

At Dynasty Media we are always looking for the next rising star in the world of business. The day we discovered Nestor Velazquez we immediately knew this wasn’t just a rising star in the world of trading, but a game-changer, educator and elevator. With his binary options strategies, hunger for massive global impact, motivation and self-discipline, we knew we had to cover Nestor Velaquez’s story at Dynasty Media.

DYNASTY MEDIA: What is it that you do?

Nestor Velazquez: I teach people how to acquire the F.I.R.E (Financial Independence & Retire Early) through the financial markets and capitalizing on digital businesses. I lead from the front as opposed to corporate manager barking orders. This is done through a series of training, webinars, live trading sessions, seminar-style events, private lessons and more. The work isn’t easy for most in my shoes, but I enjoy it. One thing I am not is someone who enables others to take L’s. I rather you dislike me for setting you free than for you to love me while remaining a slave to the rat race.

DYNASTY MEDIA: Why are you doing what you currently do? and what got you into it?

Nestor Velazquez: This is a 2-part question, but I want to answer these two separately so I can provide some depth to your readers.
First, there’s one main reason I do this. I want to see everyone Live It Fully Everyday (LIFE). I was a kid from the South Bronx who ended up living in Woodhaven, Queens while going to school in East NY, Brooklyn. They say the direction is more important than speed because some people are going nowhere fast. That was me. I lacked structure and at one point my entire life was a struggle for direction. 
The first step to change is awareness. Once I slowed down and I audited myself, I started to have a sense of clarity. Once I started to write goals down, I finally started to have a sense of direction.
Whatever we focus on expands and I had to fix my focus by seeing the opportunities rather than just the obstacles. This world is rapidly changing and its usually the early adopters with new innovations that get ahead. 
The birth of the iPhone was the death of Blackberry, the birth of Netflix was the death of Blockbuster, the birth of Ride Share Apps was the death of Taxi Services, and Google is an all-knowing oracle. We can ask questions and find the answers. Subscription-based services within the home-based business were providing opportunities for affiliates to earn residual income.  And in this day and age, we also see a dramatic increase in self-directed investors. 401K’s, IRAs, Mutual funding services are not as trusted as they once were. C.D’s (certificates of deposits) are now C.D’s (certificates of death) to your finances. Credit cards, student loans, and auto loan debt are keeping people as financial slaves. They were taught to withstand the punishment but not to understand the game enough to beat it. 

As we say in the trading world: The trend is your friend until it bends. We’ve seen old trends start to bend and eventually break off. Now, we’re seeing new trends that are just getting started. 8% of the world’s currency is actually physical. Which means 92% is digital.  I want to set people free from financial enslavement by teaching them how to build a residual income and profit from the markets on the side to get out of debt, increase their cashflow and eventually work less while getting paid more to maximize on time. 
Time is the real precious commodity in life. One second that passes by is a second we can’t ever get back. The only way for people to get ahead is to maximize their profit-making potential as an entrepreneur and/or investor.
I believe the more people we can set free, the faster we can take humanity to the next level. It’ll be a win-win for everyone except for the greedy corporations who thrive by keeping people as financial slaves.
I aspire to inspire until the fire in my eyes expire and my whole team is financially free and retired.
That’s my why.

For the second part to the above question
This is how I got into this whole ordeal in the first place… Shortly after my discharge from the U.S Army, I worked in the retail field and realized very quickly there is virtually no real true growth for someone who doesn’t want to be locked in some corporate position with a cap on pay. 
So I did what everyone recommended me to do – Go to school, get good grades to get a good job. I studied for TV/Film and eventually I scored one internship that branched out to multiple paid gigs as a production assistant. 
I always had something new to do and met different people. The money was good enough at a P.A level. However, I didn’t have much of a social life since each day consisted of about 16 hours of work. It was work, eat, sleep. No chill time really other than commute time. 
A friend of mine who was already at the time a successful entrepreneur introduced to the home-based business industry. I never heard of residual income before the age of 26. This opened up my mind in a way that was never opened before.
I said YES to something different and that made all the difference for me. I eventually got introduced to trading and joined the I.M Mastery Academy family. I experienced an increase in just about all aspects of my life and I feel like it is my calling to help others experience what it’s like to W.I.N –  they must be WILLING to take INITIATIVE and NEVER give up. Anyone can be successful but not everyone is willing to do the work.

DYNASTY MEDIA: What is one or some of your biggest accomplishments in this business?

Nestor Velazquez: I have had my ups and downs just like anyone else, but I experienced the most growth after my most painful moment. It’s called growing pains. 
Some of the biggest accomplishments I’ve acquired isn’t tied to money, but growth. In the industry they say “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” the right people and mentors will enter your life as you fail forward. The more I failed the more goals I hit. 
So if you feel like you’ve failed remember F.A.I.L is just your First Attempts In Learning.
I’ve acquired many friends, I’ve acquired multiple mentors and tapped into several powerful networks. I’ve learned more about people in general as well as myself.
I’ve read more and nurtured my mind as well. I’ve learned how not to just goal set but Goal GET!

I’ve traveled many places, seen sights and experienced epic life moments and through the tough and long process, I’ve made a fortune in the home-based business industry and as a trader in the financial markets. 
My biggest accomplishment ever has been being a loving father to my son, Jaxson. 
Back in the days, it was the luxury cars and lifestyle that motivated me most. Now, just one glance at my baby boy and I get motivated above and beyond the materialistic things to provide a future for him that he can be proud of.

DYNASTY MEDIA: What are some of your goals you’re working towards for 2020? 

Nestor Velazquez: I’m sort of a young OG in the home-based business space. Lately, I’ve been solely focused on teaching my students how to get in and out of the markets with the bag. My professional goals in 2020 are to be a High-Level Chairman within I.M Mastery Academy and to get my trading account to 8 Figures. If we aim for the stars and miss, we can at least land on the moon. At this point, it’s less about the money and more about making sure my legacy is a story worth telling to my children’s children.
My personal goals to accomplish in 2020 is to complete 30 books, get back in top shape and gain more friends.

DYNASTY MEDIA: Who do you want to inspire with your story and why? 

Nestor Velazquez: I want to inspire everyone who knows what it’s like to be at the bottom. If your back is against a wall right now, the only way to face is forward. If you’re laying on your back because the weight of the world damn near crushed you, I’m here to let you know that it only goes up from here. You matter. You are not your worst mistake and lord knows none of us are perfect. You can turn your mess into your message. Will it be easy? NO! However, it WILL be worth it. A lot of people think that success is for the special among us… The chosen few… There is no such thing as the chosen few but the few that chose. There is no such thing as a testimony without a test. Pressure bust pipes but pressure also helps create diamonds. 
When people think of the word FIRE they instantly think of something burnt… Gold gets refined in the fire and so can your mind. Acquire new skills, have a burning desire to experience an increase in your mind, body, spirit and pay it forward. 

DYNASTY MEDIA: Is there any advice you would like to leave our readers and followers with? If so what would that be?

Nestor Velazquez: Usually, when I think about this question, I think of what I would say to my 18-year-old self. My slice of advice to you is this… Stick to what makes you tick and everything else will click. Create an avenue that will allow you to turn your passions into paychecks. Become a solutions finder. Become a bridge connector. Your network will help build your net worth. Everything I’m saying sounds business-like but the reality is that the only way to truly stand out from the masses is to get into investing, businesses, scale-out your creative prowess or become a person of value. 

If you want to make 6 figures and higher, start a business, get into investments or start finding solutions to problems. We are creators. We are explorers. Everyone is looking for the secret sauce but the recipe was given to us thousands of years ago. One common example is what Jesus said. “Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened.” Ask questions cuz closed mouths don’t get fed. Seek solutions to problems and explore the possibilities. Knock on these doors. And if no door opens for you knock holes into the walls that are barricading you from your dreams. Its easier to hit higher levels than it is to maintain it. That is proof that success is A JOURNEY and NOT A DESTINATION. There is no stop. This is a way of life. Are you about this life or is it just a daydream to you? It used to be a daydream for me. Until those bills kept coming in. 

We are creators. No one is going to do it all for you. Create your success. If it is to be, it’s up to me. We all experience anxiety… pressure… fear… what separates the heroes from the cowards is what we do when we experience those feelings. Hero or coward… Which one are you? Your results will expose you. Now get to work.

For more information on Nestor Velazquez CLICK HERE and be sure to follow him on all social platforms listed below. Today could be the day you change your life. Invest in yourself! It pays the best dividend!




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