Rubens Janvier Is Here To Break The Walls Of Society And Teach You How You Too Can Become Financially Independent

Here at Dynasty Media we like to cover unknown talent that are making huge changes in the world. The word unknown may not apply here as Rubens Janvier is quickly becoming one of the youngest stars in his industry. With over 6K followers on his instagram page, over 800+ families affected by his leadership and influence, Ruben is here to break the finical handcuffs and mindsets that keeps so many minorities living poverty. What is it that he does? Forex! Does it work? Well we caught up with the young legend himself for a DYNASTY MEDIA Highlight Article Cover!

Name & Location: Rubens Janvier from Brooklyn, New York

What is it that you do? I am a television show writer who is trying to produce his own tv show through investing inside of the foreign exchange market. I have been able to have my own investment team Pipaholikz within Tradehouse.So I am a tv show writer and a financial consultant who helps show others financial literacy and how they can invest.

Why are you doing what you currently do and what got you into it? I am doing what I am doing to one day  never have to worry about money and to help as many people get to this goal with me. Financial freedom is essential to strive for as it can help a majority of most people’s problems. My brother Joshua got me into it and he also wrote the tv show with me.

What is one or some of your biggest accomplishments in this business? One of my biggest accomplishments in this business is being able to impact over 800 people’s lives and help them learn the importance of investing and acquiring sources of passive income. Impacting over 800 people’s lives have allowed me to also acquire a six figure income residually as well as being able to profit just as much through investing inside of the foreign exchange market.

What are some of your goals your working towards for 2020? For 2020 I definitely will have my mom retired, 5 or more properties, a movie and a tv show and as well as creating 5 or more six figure earners within my investment team.

Who do you want to inspire with your story and why? I want to inspire those who don’t know a way out. I want to inspire those that do not understand that you can break society’s walls sand do what you want to do and not what society tells you to do. I want to inspire those who don’t believe that they can live out their dreams. I want to inspire those that don’t understand to get unrealistic results you have to do things that make no sense to the people around you. I want to inspire people who have a need for success but do not know how to acquire it. I want to inspire people who don’t know how to make money work for them, learn how to. 

Follow Rubens At His Instagram Page: @Rubandz

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