Nicki Minaj Throws Shade At Cardi B In ‘Transformer’ Verse With Future: ‘Got At Me, Now She’s A Goner’

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Future’s new song, ‘Transformer,’ features an epic verse from Nicki Minaj, and it definitely seems like she’s firing shots at Cardi B amidst their escalating feud. See the lyrics here!

New music from Nicki Minaj is here, and Cardi Bseems to be the victim to some disses in the rapper’s verse on Future’s “Transformer,” which dropped on Oct. 19. Nicki’s fans are going nuts over her new rap, and many have pointed out the possible lyrics about Cardi. “They ain’t warn her, now she out here facin’ karma, had a chance, but got at me now she’s a goner,” Nicki says at one point. This seems to be the most direct reference to Cardi, who attempted to throw a shoe at Nicki during a New York Fashion Week party last month. The ladies have been in a very public feud ever since.

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