New York’s Own Elliot Rivas Brings The City His Smash Single “Loco”

Every now and than comes along an artist who can grab your attention at the first second of a record playing that makes you ask, WHO IS THAT!? This is exactly what happened to us. Five seconds into hearing this record called “Loco”. We asked who this was? And I’m sure we won’t be the only ones asking that question in the upcoming year! So HERE HE IS! In his own words! The one driving NEW YORK CITY “LOCO”!

Elliot Rivas, born and raised in Washington Heights (Uptown, New York). I first started rapping in 6th grade after school program. We had a hip hop music class for an elective where we were taught some history on hip hop music and were given some beats to write to. At the end of the course we recorded our songs and performed in front of our parents and peers. This after school program kept putting me in perfect scenarios to further my writing and music skill and I kept riding that wave.

But even before this I was in love with music, I remember while in elementary school printing out lyrics for me and my friends wasting the ink at home just to recite the songs at school with my friends; however, it wasnt until those highschool/college days that I started taking rap serious as I became more and more a fan of J COLE. I ended up performing at MIT opening for Jerimih with my friends Y and A’Niche, that experience definitely kept the love to keep pushing forward more alive.

Currently, I’m just working on pushing out consistent content, this music business moves quick and you can’t be slacking or you’ll get forgotten very quickly, people will stop looking for you. So by next year spring of 2020 I plan to have a whole catalogue of songs dropped and a project out. Really trying to do more performances at the moment so I’m going to venture onto that, while connecting with other artist to collab and grow. 

You can make sure to follow Elliot on his Instagram: Eliooogetthatfool & Twitter: StaySmoothE For all the latest updates on his records. We are pretty sure you won’t be disappointed with the quality of music he will be rolling out. Along with some other special surprises he has in the works!

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