MTA Will Roll Out Redesigned Subway Cars With ‘Built In WiFi By 2020 (But Will New Yorkers Still Be Late?)

The MTA has announced that new subway cars will be making their way to the tracks soon.

Plans for new train designs have been underway for some time, and now those plans are becoming a reality. The MTA’s subway redesign will allow more straphangers to fit within the cars and will feature open gangways.

The new trains are part of the “Fast Forward” plans announced early last year that will allow 50 years worth of subway updates to take place in only a decade. There will be nearly 5,000 new subway cars introduced to the tracks within that time.

However, according to the original press release for these redesigned subway cars, there are plans to add 1,025 of the reimagined trains to the system by 2020. This will include about 750 with “open car end” designs. The press release details that the new subway cars:

The “open car end” means there will no longer be doors between the cars and instead they will filter into each other, making it one long train as opposed to many connecting cars. There will also be wider doors, a new exterior, and LED headlights.

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