Meet The Couple Who Are Building A DYNASTY On Social Media: TheRoyalFamily

First Things First? Who Is TheRoyalFamily?

TheRoyalFamily are pretty much your everyday young couple, who are in love, in the big city of dreams, with desires to make their passions their full time jobs.

RoyalKingBrian (30) born and raised in DYCKMAN, NY.

RoyalQueenDanely (25) Born and raised in Washington Heights, NY.

What Is Your Goal With DYNASTY MEDIA & TheRoyalFamily Brand?

DYNASTY MEDIA is a Digital Media company thats dedicated to helping other creators publish and expand their brand and company. As a person who didn’t come from much money, I had to find a creative ways to network my work into a very crowded social media and learn how to stand out. Now that we have grown and have some money behind us plus some connections, we can help other creators spread there across these online platforms.

What Is The Hardest Part Of Building A Brand? And How Can We Fix Them?

The hardest part isn’t nothing to crazy. Its lack of proper information. We have so much information, some true but mostly a lot of miss leading information that is meant to hold you back and from growing. What we ar doing is not only do the publishing or your work to drive inmate views and attention but we show you how to create that content, and show you how to publish it yourself.

What Do You Enjoy More DYNASTY MEDIA? Or TheRoyalFamily Channel?

It’s very different, DYNASTY MEDIA is my dream. I always wanted to help people, I always wanted to teach the youth, (I use to be a teacher for a few years). So DYNASTY is something I’m more passionate about, but its serious work and to grow how we have been doing takes alot of work.

TheRoyalFamily on the other hand is an creative outlet, to entertain people. It also keeps our relationship going strong and well with laughs and funny moments. We learn a lot about each other with these videos. I think doing TheRoyalFamily family thing has helped us understand some parts of each other that wouldn’t wouldn’t have understand if we wasn’t filming these videos.

What Do You Want People To Take From Your Videos?

Honestly whatever they can, we have different things going on in this channel. Its a big channel with a lot of information. Want to watch us do pranks? and laugh? Come here. Want to watch us talk about business?,Plus how to grow your own? come here. Want to watch cars stuff we have that too. So it’s a lot, everyone can watch out videos from kids to adults and have a good time and learn something. Thats our goal, spread positivity, love and joy.

Any Upcoming Projects In The Future?

Yeah a lot, 2019 has been out biggest year at DYNASTY MEDIA & DYNASTY RETAIL. THEROYALFAMILY CHANNEL is growing by the day and week. We working on DYNASTY RETAIL for the Fall/Winter now, you can expect a amazing Urban Luxury Collection dropping this September.

DYNASTY MEDIA is working on opening their first office space for work this winter as well, so we can grow and expand our brand as a whole. New offices, means bigger and better videos, content, books and clients. So super excited about that.

TheRoyalFamily is growing, working on making our content better, longer, we want our channel to look like a T.V show, so we working on big major things for 2020. Some collaborations with some famous youtube friends we have made on our journey with Youtube. You can expect a lot from us before this year is over. One thing I know, is that 2020 will be THE YEAR! 2020 will be the life changing year!

Thank you all. Want to Join the Family Subscribe to our channel TheRoyalFamily! And Lets Work!

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