Meet One Of The Best Fashion Designers In The City: Talento

Born in LA, But now living in Dyckman, NY, Talento has managed to create a strong and respectful name for himself not only in his community but all over the city. From LA To NY. (I met Talento about 4 years ago at a Whin 4 event going on in Dyckman, NY. The Guy was super fresh, dressed head to toe in his own black leather overall jumper, which I ended up buying myself from him a few months later.)

4 years later his hunger for Fashion is on a whole new level and the names he is now working with has grown from local celebrities to worldwide superstars. Talento has worked and gotten his work shown and worn by people such as Chris Brown, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Dave East just to name a few.  And it’s not only in Hip Hop culture but he has his hand in sports aswell. From Iman Shumpert from the Cleveland Cavaliers and Victor Cruz from the New York Gaints to name a few.

And if you think that’s where it ends you have it confused. Talento has made unique pieces for Nike, Off White and the world popular Supreme. and this is only the start.

Talento designs are highly fashionable to the point I call his designs and work of art Ubran Luxury. I’m not To sure how many people could pull off designs how Talento does.

Want to see more of Talento visit: Tallento on IG!

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