Meet Michelle Tilman The CEO Of “M.T Media” Who Is Ready To Take The World Of Photography By Storm

Every once in a while comes a person, who is truly passionate, young, hungry and ready to make a change. A change not only in how we take our photos and videos, but a change in how we showcase our work to the world. A change on the way how people take photos and view photographers. Luckily for us DYNASTY discovered this rising star: Michelle Tilman: The CEO of M.T Media!

Hear the story first from the beautiful Michelle Tilman herself:”

“I started this company because I was deeply into video and photography at a young age. The spark all started when i started taking videos & photos from my cell phone. A few months later, I upgraded to a DSLR Canon camera. Once I got out of high school, I tried to get jobs in video and photography. But when I couldn’t land one, I found some work with a few DJs as their live event photographer or volunteering in film festivals as their photographers. My career im building towards is to be able to work in movies or TV shows as a full time photographer so I could one day be able to open my dream Photo/Video studio someday.

Although I am in the early stages of building my business my plans are to provide happiness and joyful memories in each and every photo and video. I want to build that customer relationship. I am not the person to want a client or customers to just stand and smile at the camera. I want my clients to be themselves, feel free to express themselves and see themselves how ever than please. I want to bring you joy with my pictures and bring those hard to capture emotions to life.”

We couldn’t be prouder of this upcoming entrepreneur on her journey to the top and rise to fame. Michelle doesn’t only just offer amazing high quality pictures but amazingly sharp HD videos are well. Be sure to book your Photoshoot with Michelle Tilman. Also visit her webpage MT Media to see more of her work and remember to Book Your Appointment Today!

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