Meet Isiah Velasquez: The Face Of What A Young Self-Made Entrepreneur Looks Like!

As 2020 kicks off, we at Dynasty Media wanted to start the year by bringing you someone special, of high value, to not only raise the bar but take it to the next level. Introducing Isiah Velasquez the man who is here to set the tone of what a young successful self-made entrepreneur really looks like. With his New York hustle, one of a kind reputation, partnerships, and connections at P.T.G 365, the future is looking sky-high (like the Mclaren doors on his pictures). As to why covering Isiah Velasquez as our Dynasty Media rasing star was a no brainer!

When you think of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur you start thinking of things like work ethic, honesty, hustle, skills, creativity, and partnerships: Isiah Velasquez checks all of these boxes. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY Isiah always had a vision of what he wanted his life to be like, the cars he wanted to drive, the lifestyle he wanted to live but most importantly the lives he wanted to change.

This guy is no ordinary Joe either, not only does he help individuals and families get into the car of there dreams they may have been searching for, but he also helps rebuild their credit score/report which is a necessity in order to help get you into the car of your dreams. Have any questions about how to build your credit score with the “First Time Cars Buyer Program” make sure to call Isiah Velasquez @ (347) 672-3442 (Watch Video Below)

We at Dynasty Media wanted to highlight Isiah Velasquez because we strongly believe this is just the start of this future Millionaire in the making. Bold statement? We think not! With plans of owning multiple car dealerships in L.A. & Miami the next five years and expanding his empire with getting into the real estate business. This business mogul is well on his way. In the words of Isiah Velasquez “This is just the beginning, we have come so far and we are still in the early stages of building this global empire, cars was just the first obstacle we chose to get us to our destination, but we got plans to get into real estate, ownership and not just in the states but all over the world.”

One of our goals at Dynasty Media is to find undiscovered talent and bring them to the forefront, so it was only right that we reached out to Isiah Velasquez a young, genuine and successful entrepreneur like no other. We had no hesitation in extending our platform and granting him a Dynasty Media interview.

DYNASTY MEDIA: What is it that you do?:

Isiah Velasquez: What I do is provide financial freedom for people, such as fixing their credit, and most importantly getting them into vehicles which is my main priority and main job.

DYNASTY MEDIA: Why is it that you currently do what you do and what got you into it?

Isiah Velasquez: I’m doing what I’m currently doing because I have a passion for cars and I got introduced into this lifestyle because of the person who is my mentor now, (Brandon Medford). He showed me that you can be young, have a lot of fun and be from the urban area and still become successful. He was the first person I could truly say showed me the ropes and seeing that with my own eyes it made me know that it is truly possible. So he really motivated me to want to do the same and have some fun while doing it.

DYNASTY MEDIA: What is one or some of your biggest accomplishments in this business?

Isiah Velasquez: There are many accomplishments that I have earned, I would say the biggest is just either fixing peoples credit and helping them have a new start. Getting them the car of their dreams at a very affordable price which is what we strive on doing. We want to make sure you have a one of a kind experience you won’t find anywhere else from the very start of the process to the very end. That is something my partners and I strive for every time at P.T.G.

DYNASTY MEDIA: What are some of your goals you’re working towards for 2020?

Isiah Velasquez: One of my goals in 2020 will be to just expand my clientele list and just build with more business partners than friends, the ultimate goal is just to keep building and building in every way possible. I want to keep networking and providing the best service I can to every single client. Also, another goal for 2020 is to start making my way into the real estate industry, it’s going to be major and exciting, I can’t wait to start that chapter in my life.  

DYNASTY MEDIA: Who do you want to inspire with your story and why?

Isiah Velasquez: With my story, I just hope to inspire all the young people out there who may not know what they want to do yet in life and who may just need a little bit of guidance. I want them to look at me as an example and use me for motivation to either start whatever business they want or do whatever it is that they wish to do in life… The main objective is just to show that if I’m young and I can do it, they can do it as well. There are no limitations or excuses about age or where you are from to become successful… And that’s what I want all the young people to understand. 

Dynasty Media: Any last words or statements you may want to leave the readers with?

Isiah Velasquez: A wise man once told me “you can multitask but you cannot multi-focus”. What that quote means to me is if you are doing multiple things in your life that require a lot of your attention there’s no way you can focus on all of them at once. If you wish to do many things you need to focus on one at a time until you become successful in that industry and then go ahead and switch on to the next. Hence you can multitask, which means you can do many things at once, but you cannot multi-focus.

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