Meet Darihananova: Learn How She Went From Retail, To IG Star, To Business Owner

I came across Darihananova’s Instagram page a little over a year ago. At this time she was working out of a retail store located in Bronx, Ny. I remember running into one of her IG post that hit close to home related to my journey at the time. It was a post about hating working a retail job, how it was giving her a strong case of anxiety, and how much time it consumed out of her day. Later she said something about starting a business and how becoming a business owner is how you can take back your time and life back. I very much related to that message as i myself was working at a retail job and was at the very early stages of starting my DYNASTY company. 

A few months later i saw her again on the instagram explore page, and this time i saw a video of her at the gym working out. But this time something was different, her body had change, her instagram captions got longer, deeper and more personal. Her IG story was great and i remember being like let me follow this girl and see whats going to happen here. Not sure when it happened, but she started posting ALOT on instagram and posting a lot of fitness videos and she was getting ALOT of views on them. Here i believe is when things turn yet another turn for the best! 

She asked on a IG story if anyone would want a fitness guide to learn the workouts she was doing. How it helped her reduced her anxiety and gain a wonderful body and mind. She may or may have not known it yet but this was the start of a wonderful business idea that she would soon grow into her full time job. Darihananova made her website, started selling her guides online, created a youtube channel and boom business was booming! (I’m pretty sure at this point she was no longer working retail and was working 100% for herself! Like she should be!)

Now around the time that her business was growing at a rapid rate, something happened. She announced that she was going to have a baby. What a wonderful feeling! But one thing did across my mind. How is she going to expand her brand the next 10 months with her having a baby? Her business depends on her working out and looking fit. Luckily she had a plan for this also. She was posting workout videos you can still do even while your carrying a baby. She also started posting a lot more about healthy eating and foods you can eat to keep your body nice and tight. She took a problem and made it into a strength, this is where i knew we had a rising star. Now with a new born baby, Darihana wasted no time and snapped her body back into shape in just a few weeks. (Her guide must be amazing!)

Now Oct 2019, Darihananova has over 376K followers on instagram, 500K+ Youtube views plus a number of products launched you can buy at her website. These products range from workout guides, to workout equipment and her newest venture Zoisupplements. In just a little over a year of Darihana, she might be the biggest success story i has seen with my very own eyes and thats why he had to highlight her at DYNASTY MEDIA. Not many people “make it” from the Bronx and we found one who did it on her own terms with great support of her boyfriend Emmanuel. 

Please be sure to checkout Darihanaova website, follow her on instagram and youtube channel. We can only imagine what the next 5 years has in store for her and her business, but one thing we could be sure of, it’s that the future is looking SunShine state bright! 

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