Kylie Jenner Is Creating Her Own Wine/ Drink Line

These days, though, Jenner is focused not only on Stormi but her “work baby” Kylie Cosmetics, which she has reportedly been courting buyers over. She has also made moves to start her own baby line. Perhaps most tellingly, though, Jenner is currently working on the exact opposite of a pregnancy: a line of signature of wine. According to TMZ, she’s applied for trademarks on her name to be applied to products including “spirits, liquor, wine, alcohol cocktail mixes, prepared wine cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktail bases, energy sports drinks, smoothies, beers … plus use the marks for restaurants, bars and cocktail lounges.” Would you try a Kylie smoothie? Sip a KyJen energy drink? Pound shots of Jenner Vodka? You might have a chance to do all of these soon.

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