It’s Small Business Week All Week From May 5th- May 11th! Have You Supported A Local Small Start Up Business?

Supporting small businesses is a way of supporting your community.

Local retailers and companies employ your friends and neighbors, often offering better wages than large corporations. Small establishments also put your money back into the local economy, benefitting you and your community at large. It’s a win-win!

You can find unique and handmade items, perfect for gifts!

Instead of buying something everyone else has, head to a local artisan and get your hands on some beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry or art. A gift that will make that certain someone feel extra special!

You’re helping to empower minority-owned business when you decide to shop small.

Want to support minority-owned businesses? Shopping small allows you to do so easily and contributes to closing racial and gender wealth gaps. So you can feel good about where you’re shopping.

You’re supporting innovation and lower costs when you shop small.

Buying fun, unique items from small business takes sales aways from mass-produced items without competitive prices. So the more you shop small, the more you’re supporting innovation and lower costs.

Strong small businesses mean local decision-making.

A strong small-business community means that important decisions are made locally by your neighbors. Who’s better qualified to make decisions about your community than them?

Supporting entrepreneurship supports the future.

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of the American economy, fueling innovation and prosperity and allowing families to move into the middle class. So when you shop small, you’re not only getting an awesome product, but you’re also helping fight income inequality, you’re supporting someone’s dream, and you’re helping build a brighter future. You’re practically a superhero!

Hey When you support small businesses, you support your own community. Be sure to shop small during Small Business Week May 5–11

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