Interview With Anny Rodriguez: Dreams Outreach

Giving back has always been something Anny Rodriguez wanted to do, from helping families overseas to being apart of community events. Anny has always found a way to give back. Now Anny is taking her community events and expanding it to new heights.

We at Dynasty Advertisement had to catch up with the community organizer herself and ask her a few questions as she prepares to launch her latest community “Give Back” Saturday, November 14th, 2020 located at 237 Dyckman St, NY.

Dynasty Advertisement: Who Is Anny Rodriguez?

Anny Rodriguez: My name is Anny Rodriguez. I am 24 years old from New York. I recently graduated from the College of Mount Saint Vincent with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. Working within my community and helping those most in need has always been my passion. I grew up in Rockland County and Northern Manhattan where the majority of my family is located. Since very young I have witnessed my parents work hard and give back to the community. My father was a cop and his dedication and humility for his work have taught me to use my voice for the voiceless. My mother’s perseverance and work ethic instilled in me the value of hard work. She owns her own financial business which she has used as a catalyst to aid the Latino community. I strive to be an individual who can contribute to life-changing events.

Dynasty Advertisement: At such a young age you have already helped out so many people in a number of ways, You have done Coat Drives, Soup Drives, helped kids in Africa, and much more. What has inspired and motivated you to start doing these  “Give Back” events to the communities who need it most?

Anny Rodriguez: I’ve always wanted to since I was little, just was nervous to put something together. Last year I was able to have my first coat drive. And from a young age, humanitarian gestures and efforts have been embedded in my life. Applying my personal skills and passion for helping change others’ lives is what I consider most rewarding. With my tenured background, I have worked in both economical and socially challenging environments such as Social Status, individuals with disabilities, children, and adults in foster care, and individuals with no access to daily essential items such as water, food, clothing. Placed in these unfamiliar environments thinking outside of the box, working with my team to provide possible solutions, make the best of the tools we had access to take a lot of passion and patience. As an experienced volunteer abroad, my greatest takeaway was the personal growth I gained.

Dynasty Advertisement: What is the reason you want to start your own non-profit? And what do you hope to achieve by starting your own organization?

Anny Rodriguez: To give back in the best way I can, to be a motivator and an influence on kids. Dreams Outreach’s mission is to provide the utmost care to those children and families that feel alone while dealing with financial hardships in communities worldwide. We want to create a positive outlet in which children can positively express themselves through sports while learning how to effectively apply life skills learned through these events. The goal of Dreams Outreach is to provide a safe, effective, and equal opportunity for children. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact on humanity.

Dynasty Advertisement: We normally don’t see many young people practicing in “community-based events”. Do you think young people get a bad reputation for not caring about helping their communities? Or this is a misconception? If so why?

Anny Rodriguez: It’s a misconception because people aren’t given the opportunity to. It’s what kids are exposed to. I have received a lot of positive feedback from the youth who are willing to help and contribute to these events.

Dynasty Advertisement: At the moment we know you’re based out in New York, but are there further plans to expand these “Give Back” events outside of NY into other cities?

Anny Rodriguez: Yes, I would love to put together givebacks around the world. As my events grow in size we would love to expand to different parts of not just the U.S, but the world

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