IMpacting The World: TheMakerOfTaste Looks To Free You Of Finacial Slavery

Robert Vasquez Aka TheMakerOfTaste

Ever since the industrial revolution, Americans’ gold standard way of living was to find a secure 9-5, work there for 40+ years, and hopefully, you had saved enough money to be able to retire. While many Americans tried that route, many Americans failed. Many Americans to this day don’t even have $400 saved in their bank accounts for emergency uses.

Now the year is 2020 and we live in an era where we no longer need to live by these old standard ways of living. This is the Digital Age, and The Digital Revolution is changing the ways Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z, and more can earn money. Now you can earn the income you deserve and still have the financial freedom so many people wish they had. It’s no wonder why Dynasty Advertisement had to reach out and catch up with TheMakerOfTaste. One of the leading individuals IMpacting people, building businesses, and changing people’s lives. Dynasty Advertisement had to reach out once again once for another one of a kind exclusive interview with Robert Vasquez Aka TheMakerOfTaste.

DYNASTY Advertisement: We already know who Robert Vasquez is. But there are still many people who don’t. If this is their first time meeting you, hearing from you? What would you introduce yourself as?

TheMakerOfTaste: Robert Vasquez is a beacon of hope. I will show them how I was able to manifest my dreams into reality. Also, show them how to do the same. Drake said “ I’m been had the visions of the life I’m living since I was jimmy “

DYNASTY Advertisement: We have followed your journey since 2019, 2020 and now going into 2021. What does “People Over Profit” mean to you? And why?

TheMakerOfTaste: People over profits is a way of living. I won’t ever put money over People because strangers believed in me and helped me grow my business. I will always IMPACT over INCOME. The service to many leads to greatness. That’s my code. 

DYNASTY Advertisement: One of the people I hear you talk about impacting their lives is family. Why is family so important to you? And what do you want your family to remember you by?

TheMakerOfTaste: Family is big for me, I grew up with my immediate family mostly. All my family is in the Dominican Republic. So it was a small circle always. My parents sacrificed their lives and being with family to bring me to the land of opportunities. So they will always come first. I want to be remembered as the one who took the family and made it into a dynasty to last lifetimes.

DYNASTY Advertisement: Okay, now let’s get down to business. What kind of business are you running? Why did you decide to join/start this business and what has been the impact it has had on your life.

TheMakerOfTaste: I am a professional network marketer. I’m in the business of helping people. I joined because I wanted to change my life. I was overworked and underpaid. I had to find a different way. The impact has been monumental I went from an employee to a world-class entrepreneur. From being hopeless to being the people’s hope. 

DYNASTY Advertisement: Bob Proctor, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Floyd Mayweather, all these celebrities have recognized IM Academy and its impact it has had on thousands of people. Why do you think the company has grown so much in the last year.

TheMakerOfTaste: It has grown so big because people woke up that education triumphs. No other time in the last few decades have financial education been so important. 2020 easiest time to become a millionaire with the power of the internet and the right information.

Dynasty Advertisement: We are just one month away from 2021 and the start of a new year. Where do you see yourself heading in 2021?

TheMakerOfTaste: 2021 I want to accomplish the first million. I am setting up multiple vertical businesses so I can have a residual income from multiple sources. I also look to impact 100,000 lives.

Dynasty Advertisement: Is there anything you would like tell our readers and people who are struggling to make ends meet. Now with Covid 19 canceling so many peoples 9-5.

TheMakerOfTaste: Family this isn’t a bad time in the chaos there are opportunities. I suggest following this. Self-education learn as much as you can about businesses. Watch Alux on YouTube. Learn from Tony Robbins from the great teachers of our time. Also, surround yourself with the right people. Don’t be around negative people who got nothing going on. Practice manifestation plus getting around the right People plus getting the right information your life will turn around. Trust me on this one. God bless you guys!

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