Highlight Of The Week: Vanessa Gray: The New Face Of Black Art: (Creativeness)

Pure talent is very rare to come across, everyone has ideas but few fail to have great exaction. Her paintings are very vivid and full of life. Her colors choices, all the way to how she puts the brush to work is very detailed and thought out. Talent like this doesn’t come across to often, that is why we decide to showcase this beautiful artist known as Vanessa Gray Aka “Creativeness” and give her the platform to express herself and her work of art in her own words.


My name is Vanessa but my friends call me Ness. I’m an aspiring business owner from Syracuse NY. I’m currently a nurse assistant  and student in Albany,NY. My dream is to open a beauty bar where women and men in my community can come to and feel comfortable in their own skin. I have always been a creative individual. Throughout my life I have used art as an emotional outlet whether it was through music, painting or dance. 

I make Black Art because I made a vow to myself and my ancestors to do what I can to make sure our history is not forgotten nor overlooked . As a black woman my entire existence has never been appreciated. So with my own form of expression I chose to appreciate myself and my people.

My art, is a part of me. Each canvas has a story and I want to share my story with the world. In the next 5 years I hope to have made a name for myself. So be on the lookout!

You can check out more of my work on my Instagram @_creativeness___ . Be on the lookout for more artwork by yours truly.”


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