Happy Birthday To Travel Vlogger: Ismelda Cruz

As a fellow youtuber, i know how hard it is to start a youtube channel when you have no idea how to do it. This was the story for Ismelda at first, but over a year later Ismelda has mastered the art of work life balance, and by that, I mean work and go visit a new country almost every month it seems.

Ismelda’s Vlogs are full of life, joy and culture from all over the world. From the City That Never Sleeps (N.Y), to the City of Angels (L.A) to her mother land, Dominican Republic and Peru to just mention a few, her Vlogs capture life all over the world. With dreams of starting up her own Travel agency one day, this is a great way to let people into her world.

What would be a better way to wish Ismelda Cruz a Happy Birthday than by subscribing to her Youtube channel and helping her fan base & dreams grow all at once.

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