From 9-5 To Full Time Entrepreneur: Learn How Luis M Sanchez Took Charge Of His Life And Is Now Helping Families Build Wealth

Luis M. Sanchez is not your everyday person from Washington Heights, we mean we was, until he decided to quit his job and become a full time entrepreneur. So how did this one Dominican kid quit his 9-5 and start traveling the world being a Entrepreneur? He joined the Foreign Market Exchange as a trader, than he also started sharing his positive messages and journey on his instagram. (LmSmooth)

I met Luis about a year ago at a job he worked for in Washington Heights. Now a year later Luis is overseas in Thailand recording new instagram videos, spreading his trading knowledge on Forex, plus going strong on his “50 pushups in 140 different locations” challenge. What is really impressive is not only is he doing 50 push ups everyday, but how he is doing it, he is doing it everywhere from New York, Dallas Texas, Overseas, Private Jet, and yes even the highway! This 50 push up challenge has become his staple. If you watch his IG videos you’ll notice he is also known to always gives you some amazing information on being self aware, taking risk, doing something different and pushing your mindset forward in order to become the best version of yourself.

Luis doesn’t seem to be slowing down, He is now hosting his own private events with a few of his team. This is a meeting where they talk about the Foreign Market Exchange, explaining what it is, how it operates and how you too can make some extra income by using it. For LmSmooth, this has now became his new job. Like we say at Dynasty Media “If your going to use your phone for something, might aswell use it to make some money”. This is exactly what Luis M. Sanchez has done from his platforms just by using his phone.

For more information on Luis or the Foreign Market Exchange Follow Luis On His Instagram: ImSmooth and check out his amazing content on IGTV! The man did 50 push ups in the highway!

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