Darihananova The Online Fitness Coach Helping Women Stay Mentally And Physically Healthy During Covid 19

Almost two weeks into lockdown in New York City, and with the rest of the United States following it down its path, Now more than ever people are starting to feel the anxiety of being locked at home, many losing jobs, eating nonhealthy foods and not being able to release their stress due to all the Gyms and now parks being shut down. This is why we wanted to highlight Online Fitness Coach Darihananova, Darihana Is Helping People Keep Their Mental And Physical Health Going During This Covid-19 Lockdown.

In October 2019, Darihananova had a little over 376K followers on Instagram when we first covered her, Now just a few months later she has doubled her growth to 601K and has 10X her business venture and growth. Her products range from Gym and at Homeworkout Guides. A few months after that success she launched her second venture Zoisupplements, a supplement meant to help your muscle recovery after your intense workout. Now on April 1st, 2020, (This might get pushed back a few weeks because of Covid-19 Check her Twitter for latest updates @DarihanaNova)

Darihana is an online fitness coach who does way more than her tittle as a Fitness Coach describes. We at Dynasty Media would describe her as a wellness coach, now more than ever before. From paying people’s Coffee, placing her infamous Home Workout Guides on sale (Now that people need it more than ever) and even paying for some people’s morning Coffee through CashApp. Dariahna is helping people try to live a normal life, even though we don’t really know when things will get back to normal.

Staying indoors, not having to go to work, sleeping in as much as you want, might seem like a dream to most Americans or people around the world. But the reality is now this Dream has now turned into a nightmare for many. Many people depend on going to the gym on a daily basis in order to release their tension, or just have a place outside of the home to collect their thoughts. Now not being able to do that many are looking for an alternative solution to ease the mind. This is where Darihana At Home Workout Guides Has Helped So Many Women, get back in shape and keep their mental stability.

Working out as you can see on Darihana Twitter page is much more than just doing the workouts. It’s a balance of what food you intake, the amount of work you do and how you feel about yourself before and after your workouts. While a lot of her programs are physical, you’ll also come to learn as much of it is mental also. (On her Twitter and Instagram Highlights, you can take a dive inside what type of meals she preps, ingredients and much more)

If you are in need of something to keep your mind off this Covid 19 situation and are looking into getting your Spring and Summer body started, you don’t need the gym to re-open. Make sure to check out Darihananova on Instagram. Here you will find all the links to all her guides and social media platforms.

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