Dana Chanel & Prince Donnell Celebrate The Grand Opening Of The Jumping Jack Tax Flagship Store (Massive Crowd)

This Sunday on January 26, 2019, Dana Chanel And Prince Donnell launched a new chapter in there business life and officially put the tax world on notice. The Jumping Jack Tax flagship office is officially open, and by the massive crowd that showed up, not only is Jumping Jack Tax here, but it is here to stay!

People from all walks of life showed up to the official grand opening, New York, New Jersey, D.C And Philly were all present. Not only was this a wonderful time for fans or Dana & Prince to finally meet them, but this was an amazing time to watch history in the making, as Jumping Jack Tax is the fastest-growing minority-owned tax business ever! 10 Years from now people will talk about where they were when the first Jumping Jack Tax office opened.

Before the doors opened to the public, Dana blessed everyone with a prayer and off to celebrate it was. Fans got to come in the office, check out the high-end technology that J.J.T will be using, and I am pretty sure some people brought their W2s and got there Taxes done as well.

Tax season is officially here and who do you trust more to get you your biggest refund check yet? Come to Philly in to get your Taxes done today! If you are too far out no problem, make sure you download the JumpingJackTax App and find one of their nearby tax professionals that can assist you to get started on those W2!

Congrats To Dana Chanel, Prince Donnell, And The Whole Jumping Jack Tax Team!

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