Dana Chanel and Prince Donnell Are Giving You What Generational Wealth Smells Like With Their New Luxury Fragrance Company “COFOUNDERS”

If you don’t know who Dana Chanel & Price Donnell are by now you must have been living under a rock all of 2019. They didn’t start their entrepreneurship journey last year, but their brand awareness has grown 100X in the past 12 months. Don’t believe us? let us break down some impressive stats for you. Dana Chanel has her hands in multiple companies, two of the biggest ones being a company called “Sprinkle of Jesus” which is now the #1 Online Christian ministry and mobile app and another well known online beauty supply store called “Curled Bible“. Prince Donnell has started and built the fastest-growing minority own tax business in the world “Jumping Jack Tax with the flagship store now open in Philadelphia, PA.

What makes this couple so impressive is that they are just getting started. Dana and Prince both have less than a million followers on Instagram but have profited way more than a million dollars. Now on to their newest business endeavor, the power couple has gotten together to bring you the first Luxury Black-Owned Fragrance Company “COFOUNDERS“.

“Dana Chanel and Prince Donnell romanticized the idea of a perfume and cologne set that embodied the unity of their relationship that turned their family business into a multimillion-dollar empire. You will find the perfume and cologne outline the distinct roles between men and women, leadership, trust, obedience, and power, required to come together and complement one another gift in the bigger vision” – Sourced from CurlBible.com

Dana Chanel and Prince Donnell continue to inspire and lead us to build generational wealth, take this perfume and cologne as a source of inspiration to live your dreams out.

With all these companies and big brands behind them, Dana Chanel and Prince Donnell have to build a massive empire between them. Now with “CoFounders” being the latest addition to the star-studded line up of products we are sure, this will sell out in minutes. Now if your ready to experience what Black Luxury smells like make sure to pre-order your fragrance package HERE.


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