Brian Grullon’s “THE DYNASTY NY” Media Company Grew Over 600% in 2018

Brian Grullon started his “Dynasty” Media company in late 2015. Just one website that was dedicated to sharing upcoming talent and current news in todays society. In 2016 “The Dynasty NY” expanded to selling clothing & music through its platform. This was the birth of “The DYNASTY NY”.

In 2016 “DYNASTY” started selling T-Shirts, Hoodies and Hats. The numbers didn’t start off to impressive but by the end of the year sales started picking up and by end of the year the numbers were good enough to break even (Which is now a bad thing). In 2017 Brian Re-Branded the company, added a new logo (The Crown) plus partnered up with his partner Danely Lopez & created a side brand under “DYNASTY’ named “TheRoyalFamily”, along with branching out to a Youtube Channel to promote the clothing and music. 2017 marked a new high for “DYNASTY” but 2018 by far was its best year.

With some money being made, a business partner and its new brand “TheRoyalFamily” under “THE DYNASTY NY” The brand grew into it’s biggest year by far. Growing over 600% in all sales, views, and visitors. “2018 was a result of all those years i put effort into my brand and never gave up” said Brian Grullon.

Not many people reach what they set out to accomplish and some how manage to surpass them. Brian feels very grateful to everyone who has help the brand move and grow, but says 2018 was just a taste. “2019 we have a lot of goals, plans and things we working on”.. “We want to bring new talent on board to join the team and help us grow and expand as a brand” – Brian Grullon.

2019 is now here and we thought we should highlight the heck of a year the Founder Brian Grullon & THE DYNASTY COMPANY” have had.


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