BLACK STAR POWER: Learn How This Entrepreneur Is Pushing The Market With Her One Of A Kind Store: Coniqua’s Vanity Store

We at Dynasty Media are so excited to cover this rising star and her one of a kind company “Coniqua’s Vanity Store”. We have to mention this, because out of all the brands we have covered on Dynasty Media, this brand is so fresh, different and exciting, we cannot wait to see what it grows into. With that being said it was only right we caught up with the CEO and ask her a few questions. This is Coniqua’s story about her self and her journey that led to starting “Coniqua’s Vanity Store“. Hope you enjoy!

1) What was the inspiration for your business? And business name?
Coniqua’s Vanity Store is an online retailer. We sell products from brands that sell hair care, skin care, condoms, non-toxic menstrual products, non-toxic nail polish, and bath and body. It is the first shop of it’s kind to not only proritize the hair care and beauty needs of black women but also their sexual health and wellness needs. Promoting not only a stocklist of predominantly black women owned brands but additionally brands that are cruelty free, vegan, ethically sourced and made with decisive, powerful, autonomous women in mind. Giving women not only the choice to prioritize the health of their hair, skin, and face but also their genitals, and sex lives.

The inspiration behind Coniqua’s Vanity store was honestly a combination of many experiences I have had in beauty supply stores across the country. But it was one visit in particular where I watched an asian beauty supply store owner tell a Black woman and her daughter that while they were browsing the store, they were “touching too many things”, he was basically accusing them of attempting to steal and then a few moments later as I was browsing the aisles he began following me. I left the store pissed, and what made me more upset was that this was not a one off experience, this was something that had happened to me and other Black women all throughout our lives, going into beauty supply stores which were never owned by us. So from that anger grew a store concept and now has transformed to a business that truly seeks to challenge the exisiting landscape of what is know as beauty supply stores.

In the year 2017, of the $63 million spent on the hair and beauty industry, Black people alone spent $54 million. This shows that a vanity store is important! It is a vanity store, mainly because I felt that the name “beauty supply store” is an understatement at how vital beauty stores are to black womanhood and by definition: vanity is defined as excessive pride in one’s appearance so vanity felt like an all encompassing title. I also know I have a very distinct name and I founded the store with the things I would love to see in a beauty store in mind, so naming it after myself felt like the right thing to do.

2) What do you think you can bring to the table with your brand that isn’t already out there?
I think that I can bring many things to the table with Coniqua’s Vanity Store. What is unique about Coniqua’s Vanity Store is not only the fact that most of the brands that will be sold through the store are black women-owned, but we also have a large emphasis on just general health and wellness. We value the Black owned condom brand and the black owned menstrual line the same amount that we value the hair lines that are sold through Coniqua’s Vanity Store.

There is no vanity store on the market that is promoting sex positivity, healthy hair, skin and body while centering black women, period. Many of the stores that are in the hair and beauty market are usually targeting this Black women with tons of disposable income looking to feel luxurious and glamorous, while Coniqua’s Vanity Store hopes that folks shopping with us feel some of that, we also just want our customers to feel like their best selves in anything that they do. Our brand is authentic, it is empowering, and it really seeks to challenge the current landscape of Hair and Beauty Stores. We just want our customers to feel empowered, to continue to make healthy and positive empowering decisions and look & feel great while doing it! We hope to challenge the way you think of your own vanity experience (in a good way).

3) What is the short term goal for the next 3 months and the longer goal for the next 12 months?
A short term goal for the next 3 months for Coniqua’s Vanity Store is to officially launch! We are preparing and have been truly strategically planning and getting all of our stuff in the row to officially launch. Which we are super excited for and elated to share our vision through our business with the world. For the next 12 months, we plan to expand our brands sold within the store and get more exposure and show more face in the community. Although we are an online retailer we are NYC based and really want to have our feet on the ground and networking, supporting and partnering with local NYC businesses that do work aligned with our vision and mission but also, businesses and organizations that are doing innovative, exciting work. Additionally, the support and networking is not exclusive to NYC brands, we are happy to go anywhere and support any businesses and organizations doing innovative, and ground breaking work. So the next 12 months will truly be dedicated to launch, furthering the brand, relationships, and being in the community partnering, networking and supporting.

4) Additional details or facts you may want to add?
Coniqua’s Vanity Store is welcome to anyone. We center Black women but we welcome all folks. If you are a person of color or know any folks of color who have their own cosmetics, skin care, body, sex toys, or hair care collections please don’t hesistate to email Coniqua’s Vanity Store at with more information on the brand and shoot a sista a wholesale pricelist, we are really excited to learn about new brands. Also although we are preparing to launch we highly encourage folks to visit our website: and sign up for our email list, you get first dibs on discounts when we launch. You can also visit our instagram page @cvanitystore, it is where we have all of our live updates, we showcase new products and much more!

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