As DoorDash Workers Are Getting Arrested In New Yorks Curfew; DoorDash Is ‘Prepared To Provide Support’ It’s Caviar workers

On-demand food delivery apps told its contractors to keep working
By Nick Statt@nickstatt Jun 5, 2020, 12:12am EDT

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A pair of alarming videos appeared to show at least one Caviar delivery worker being arrested by New York City police on Thursday, allegedly for violating the city’s curfew imposed this week in response to demonstrations protesting the death of George Floyd and systemic police brutality. 

DoorDash Arrested

But the worker and other on-demand food delivery app contractors are permitted to work in the city, even past curfew, based on a designation as essential workers by city officials. Caviar parent company DoorDash tells The Verge it is “alarmed” by the reports of the arrests and that it is “prepared to provide them with our support.” “FOOD DELIVERY WORKERS ARE DEEMED ‘ESSENTIAL’ AND PERMITTED TO TRAVEL.”

We are alarmed by reports that a courier appears to have been arrested this evening in New York City shortly after curfew. Under the City’s curfew order, food delivery workers are deemed ‘essential’ and permitted to travel to and from work and to be in public while performing their work while the curfew is in effect,” a DoorDash spokesperson says. “We are gathering information and are in contact with City officials to determine what transpired. Essential workers must be able to complete their work and feel safe and secure while doing so, and we are prepared to provide them with our support.”

In one video, a Caviar delivery worker is seen getting arrested by a group of police officers near Central Park, allegedly 27 minutes after the 8PM ET curfew, according to a video shared on Twitter this evening.

DoorDash Delivery

In a separate video shared on Twitter just minutes before at 9:01PM ET, a Caviar worker is seen getting arrested by a group of at least six officers. “Are you serious? Look, look, look, look. I’m not even doing anything,” the man says, showing clear distress as the cops handcuff him and confiscate his bike and orange Caviar bag. “It tells me on the app I can show you guys something.” 

It was initially unclear if this was the same worker or a separate incident altogether. But statements from city officials suggest it was one incident involving a single Caviar worker captured on video from different angles and featuring different moments of the arrest.

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