Anny Rodriguez Helps Put A Smile On Kids Faces With A Volunteer Trip To Costa Rica And Guatemala

Anny has always had a passion for helping others and this is a dream come true. If you can please take a moment and help the cause, if you can’t donate share this and someone on your timeline might be able to.

“My name is Anny Rodriguez. I will be volunteering In Guatemala and Costa Rica July 24. I will be going to work with people with disabilities and give back to the communities that are in need. 
I am currently working with kids that are undocumented, mostly children from Central America crossing the border. These kids fight for their lives to come to the United States to make a better future for themselves and hopefully their families. So I have decided to go to Guatemala and Costa Rica to learn more about the culture and environment the children I work with come from. Hopefully these trips will enlighten and provide me with beneficial information that may help to ease their transitions. I’ll be donating food, clothes, toiletry items, and more with your help as we give back to these impoverished communities. “

Thank you for taking the time out to read this.

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