An Amazing Story From Humble Beginnings To Massive Sucess Meet CHEICK SOUMAHORO

We always hear stories about people coming to America for a better life, but out of the millions of people who do come a year, how many people take full advantage of the benefits of living in the United States? This is a story of CHEICK SOUMAHORO and he didn’t waste his opportunity once the opportunity was met with him. (C’est une histoire de CHEICK SOUMAHORO et il n’a pas perdu son opportunité une fois l’opportunité rencontrée.)

Cheick Soumahoro is a 20-year-old young man with big ambition from IVORY COAST (West Africa). One of the biggest reasons why Cheick came to the United States was to study and gain financial independence. But after spending some time here he said “I quickly realized no one I knew has ever or will ever gain riches and financial independence in school. “I am in the land of opportunity, how can I not take advantage of that”. (Je suis au pays des opportunités, comment puis-je ne pas en profiter “). Once that opportunity finally came, he made sure to take full advantage of it.

Cheick Soumahoro was presented with knowledge of what it takes to become a ForEx trader and start earning freedom money by trading in the “Foreign Exchange Market”. The Foreign Exchange Market is the world’s largest trading market, more trades happen there than in the stock market. “I immediately knew this was a great way to start earning great money without being tied to a regular 9-5 job. I believe I have found what the American Dream is with the ForEx market. I am now teaching people what I do, I am building my own empire and networking with people who believe in my potential”. (J’enseigne maintenant aux gens ce que je fais, je bâtis mon propre empire et je travaille en réseau avec des gens qui croient en mon potentiel “).

Once we ran into this amazing story of Cheick Soumahoro we wanted to get to know him a little better, what his goals are in life and where does he see himself in 2020? It was only right we reached out to Cheick and sit him down for this DYNASTY MEDIA interview.

DYNASTY MEDIA: What is it that you do?:

CHEICK SOUMAHORO: When I came to America, many people told me” this country has a lot of opportunities and if you work hard you gonna be rich” and then I asked myself “Out of those people who told me that, what are they doing now? What’s their lifestyle in this big country? I quickly realized all of them are driving Uber, Lyft or doing jobs that would not really change their lives. Right then I made a decision to not follow in that path and decided I’m going to build my own empire, and become the first Ivorian in this country who impact millions of families.” (À ce moment-là, j’ai pris la décision de ne pas suivre cette voie et j’ai décidé de construire mon propre empire et de devenir le premier Ivoirien de ce pays à avoir des vies de millions de familles.”)

I sacrificed a lot for that, and I don’t mind taking the risk because no one understands what I’m doing right now, but I’ll soon show them my results. In this business, I’m following people who inspire me every single day like Robert “TheMarkerOfTaste” who is a Six-Figure earner in this business. My parents did everything to allow me to come to this country and realized my full potential and dreams, I’m so grateful. I took this decision because I already know they put all their hope on me so I must stay focused on my goal in order to get what I want and need.

DYNASTY MEDIA: What is one or some of your biggest accomplishments in this business? Or coming into this business?

CHEICK SOUMAHORO: This business allowed me to leave my job (I was a simple delivery guy in a Manhattan store). As an international student, I can support my entire study program! This year one of my goals is to get a good position in the company like Chairman 10 why not? I want to inspire people who have big dreams, people who believe in themselves. I want to be a  “beast” in this industry. I am pushing myself very hard. My slogan is “ I’m a success, you’re a success and together we will create a culture of success. Period.” (Je suis un succès, vous êtes un succès et ensemble, nous créerons une culture du succès. Période.”)

DYNASTY MEDIA: What are some of your goals you’re working towards for 2020?

CHEICK SOUMAHORO: For this year I’ll build a separate empire that’s gonna allow me to impact many lives. I am also working on building a strong network that would allow me to spread my message and speak on stage in order to motivate more people who are hungry for success. I basically want to spread my story and inspire many people who are looking for a way out, I am here to help. The money comes after.

DYNASTY MEDIA: Any last words or statements you want to leave the readers with?

CHEICK SOUMAHORO: I have literally come from far away in order to make something of my life and myself. I found my own purpose and I am following my dream. If you have a goal in life, chase it, follow it, and whatever you do “DO NOT GIVE UP”. (Si vous avez un objectif dans la vie, poursuivez-le, suivez-le, et quoi que vous fassiez “N’ABANDONNEZ PAS”). Do you want to make your dreams come true? You have to take action, fast like today! right now! That’s the only way to stay ahead in the fast-paced world. So thank you for reading this. My advice for y’all is to get out of your comfort zone and stay far from fake friends.

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