Alan Is leading The Way In: Love, Freedom And Purpose

There are many people who want to make a difference, many people speak about things they want to do and plan to do, But every once in a while there comes a person who is not just all talk, but also is about action. Who believes you were meant for more, who believes you have the opportunity to make a difference on this generation and the generation to come. His name is Alan Peralta. 

Alan Peralta has been living in Dyckman for the past 19 years. From watching his mother struggle raising two boys to adapting to the lifestyle Dyckman has to offer; drugs, woman, and violence, Alan Peralta was caught up in the mix. Alan gave his life to God at the age of 18 and has said his life has never been the same and now he views life at a different angle. Alan said “I believe our lives has a deeper purpose than ourselves, we are not here to attain and be great in our own right but to impact the next person and the next generation to come. What we do now causes a domino effect whether it is for the best or the worst.” 

Alan fell in love working with young men and boys in the city of New York. Alan feels that a lot of young men get lost on the road to adulthood because of the lack of leaders, father figures and role models in our communities. He also believes that every man is called to be leaders, that it is naturally embedded in your soul. When we asked Alan what is his mission for this season of life you are in. He responded “To empower males of all race, age and stage they might be in, in their life. When God created man he told him he will give him dominion over everything on the earth. What does that mean today? That there is greatness in every man, through Christ. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you’ve done, there is potential and greatness in every man we just need to recognize it and walk in the greatness God has already predestined us to have.” Alan currently attends New Life Bronx church at 1835 University Ave, his Pastor is Fernando Cabrera who is a voice and an incredible leader in the Bronx NY. Alan has already started doing his work in the form of social media on his Facebook and Instagram account, but also in person. Working with the Youth at his day job, and having a Men’s small group every Thursday’s. 

Alan is a real life super hero in our neighborhood with a big heart and a big voice. So today we at The Dynasty are highlighting the great work Alan Peralta has done and continues to do.

For more information on Alan follow him on his Facebook @ Alan Peralta and on His IG Nogeneticshere.

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