Our Story

From Musician To Entrepreneur

Brian Grullon formerly known as Th3k!d knew he always wanted to be in the spot light since a young age, from being the captain of his baseball team to performing in school talent shows with “Spoken Word”. Brian has always accomplished what he sets his mind to and being in front of the camera has been one of those goals.


With that in mind Brian started his YouTube channel in early 2007 and filmed his first music video a couple of weeks after. Little did he know that a year later he would be doing shows and opening for major artist all over the eastern coast. He performed shows in NJ, NY and Philly. Brian started making a name for him-self from there on. 


With music being on the forefront he wanted to expand his career and started selling and making his own merchandise to promote his shows and brand. While learning the business of the music, Brian found himself loving the music business more than the actually thought. Even though Music has always been his number one passion he found a new love in Entrepreneurship.


A few years after getting the taste of being an entrepreneur, Brian started his own clothing brand, website, and new YouTube channel under a different name. No longer as Th3k!d but as RoyalKingBrian. With his new name he  started expanding his reach and brand power once again, and now in full entrepreneurship mode. 

Our Approach

Now a days whether you like it or not, everyone is a personal brand and is a representation of either the company they work for or the company you may want to start.

Social media is something not only teenagers are doing, but parents, Business men/women, Grand-Parents  and even the president of the United States of America used Social Media to help get elected into office in 2017.

Social Media is the now and future of marketing. Think of it as the modern day resume. We at TheDynastyNY.com will provided you with modern day growth Strategies that could help you take your personal brand to the next level.

We use media sites and apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked-in, Google, Snapchat and Online Advertisements as some of the tools to reach your target adudience and drive in real results to help brach and grow your business.